While town officials and the public continue to debate and deconstruct the approval process for the Fairfield Metro train station and the project's $7.5 million in construction cost overruns, work continues on the depot's commuter parking lot and access road from lower Black Rock Turnpike.

A binder layer of asphalt has been put down for the lot at the town's third train station, expected to be completed by Oct. 31. The parking will have 1,400 spaces.

The new lot will be managed by the state Department of Transportation, through the contracted services of Fusco Management.

Any current parking permit holder for the Southport or downtown train stations can transfer to Fairfield Metro. There will be 1,000 permits offered for the new station, issued semi-annually at a cost of $210. Annual permits for Southport at $230 and $340 for the downtown station.

There will also be a minimum of 200 day parking spaces available at $6 per day and there will be 25 designated handicapped parking spaces on the eastbound side of the station.

The waiting list for permits at both the Fairfield and Southport railroad stations is now over 4,200 people, though most have their name on both lists. Fusco will start a separate waiting list for Fairfield Metro, but those on that list will be eligible for parking permits only after all the people on the Parking Authority's waiting lists as of Oct.31 have been offered a permit for the new station.

The DOT has not yet indicated when the new station will officially open for use.

For more information about the new station, visit www.fairfieldct.org/rail.htm.