Parties in Fairfield prepare for Board of Finance nominations, elections

FAIRFIELD — As election season ramps up, two Board of Finance incumbents have declared their intentions to seek re-election as another leaves a seat up for grabs.

Board of Finance Democrat Elizabeth Zezima and Republican Mary LeClerc have confirmed their decision to seek run for re-election, pending their respective parties’ nominations in July.

Republican member David Becker has also confirmed he will not be running for re-election, leaving his seat open for the taking.

Board of Finance seats are set in staggered, six-year terms. Three seats are up for election this coming November.

Zezima was appointed to the board in July 2017 to fill a vacancy and elected in November of last year. This year, the Democrat is running for what could be her first full six-year term.

“I’m running again because I’m devoted to serving the town,” Zezima said. “I’m especially running for a board where we’re on the minority...we don’t shy away from investing in the future and we don’t make shortsighted decisions.”

LeClerc has served three terms on the Board of Finance and is aiming for her fourth, calling for fiscal prudence as the town faces several challenges.

“I love Fairfield and I want Fairfield to be the best town that it can be, I want it to be affordable for my children to move back and settle down someday,” LeClerc said. “I have skills in accounting and finance and that’s why I like to serve.”

The finance board is comprised of nine members and, due to minority representation rules, there can be no more than six members of one political party. There are currently six Republicans and three Democrats on the board.

If both political parties nominate two candidates, there will be four people vying for three seats on the Board of Finance.

With Becker not seeking re-election, Fairfield Republicans are actively looking for a second candidate to the Board of Finance.

“We’re in the process right now of interviewing potential candidates for that second Board of Finance position,” James Millington, chairman of the Republican Town Committee, said.

Selectman Ed Bateson has declared that — along with fellow Republican Selectman Chris Tymniak — he will not be running for another term on the Board of Selectmen but is actively considering running for the Board of Finance.

“For the Board of Finance, it’s not going to be a difficult position to find someone for that,” Millington added. “We just want to make sure that we put forth the strongest candidate that we can for the position.”

Steve Sheinberg, chairman of the Democratic Town Committee, confirmed that there is a second candidate to run for the Board of Finance, Lori Charlton, but that the process is open for someone else to throw in their hat with the July 16 date in mind.

“Our candidates will work to earn the support of all the people in Fairfield and be an asset to the town’s Board of Finance,” Sheinberg said. “We have found someone who we believe will be a great candidate for the Board of Finance.”