Pay raises OK'd for 14 town officials

The Board of Selectmen Wednesday approved raises for 14 of the town's 15 department heads.
The Board of Selectmen Wednesday approved raises for 14 of the town's 15 department heads.Genevieve Reilly

Raises for 14 of the town's 15 department heads were approved unanimously by the Board of Selectmen Wednesday, with amounts ranging from a high of $5,489 to a low of $1,530.

"This is the second year we've used this approach," First Selectman Michael Tetreau said. "Department head salaries, per the town charter, need to be approved by the Board of Selectmen." All of the raises were approved on a single vote by the selectmen.

Tetreau provided a list of the proposed increases to the board. "The board can approve the recommendations as presented," he said, or if there are questions about an individual's raise, those could be dealt with in a future executive session.

The other selectmen, however, had no questions or suggested changes regarding the specific dollar amounts.

Selectman Kevin Kiley, however, did ask if the performance increase was calculated on the employee's base salary prior to any longevity bonuses being added.

Tetreau said that was correct. "That's the way it was explained to me by Human Resources," he said.

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The current salaries paid municipal department heads, and their new compensation with raises approved by the Board of Selectmen, are:
Chief Financial Officer Robert Mayer: $137,221 to $142,710 ($5,489 raise)
Police Chief Gary MacNamara: $144,324 to $148,654 ($4,330)
Recreation Director Gerald Lombardo: $123, 817 to $127,532 ($3,715)
Director of Community & Economic Development Mark Barnhart: $121,766 to $125,419 ($3,653)
Health Director Sands Cleary: $112,021 to $115,381 ($3,360)
Fire Chief Richard Felner: $149,493 to $152,483 ($2,990)
Public Works Director Joseph Michelangelo: $135,150 $137,853 ($2,703)
Planning and Zoning Director Joseph Devonshuk: $131,593 to $134,225 ($2,632)
Conservation Director Thomas Steinke: $120,296 to $122,702 ($2,406)
Human Resources Director Mary Carroll-Mirylees: $115,299 to $117,605 ($2,306)
Assessor Donald Ross: $114,444 to $116,733 ($2,289)
Town Librarian Karen Ronald: $113,487 to $115,757 ($2,270)
Chief of Staff Thomas Dubrosky: $90,000 to $91,800 ($1,800)
Director of Social Services Teresa Giegengack: $76,500 to $78,030 ($1,530)
Information Technology Director Donald Leslie: $106,100, no increase

This year, only one department head, Town Librarian Karen Ronald received a longevity bonus of $3,743 for more than five years of service.

The largest salary increase of $5,489 was awarded to Chief Financial Officer Robert Mayer, bumping Mayer's salary from $137,221 to $142,720. Mayer had been serving as Tetreau's chief of staff when then-Fiscal Officer Paul Hiller was let go. For about a year, Mayer handled both positions.

Tetreau's new chief of staff, Thomas Dubroksy, was hired ealier this year. He was given a $1,800 bump in pay from $90,000 to $91,800.

Police Chief Gary MacNamara received a $4,330 increase, bringing his $144,324 salary to $148,654, while Fire Chief Richard Felner's $149,493 salary grew by $2,990 to $152,483.

One department head, Information Technology Director Donald Leslie, was not given a raise.