Photos: Flags for the Fourth in Fairfield

FAIRFIELD — Despite cautions and adjustments attributable to the COVID-19 virus, the Spirit of ’76 still seemed tangible last weekend throughout Fairfield.

Beginning Friday, as well as having a tri-colored holiday display out front, Southport Congregational Church was also giving away Fourth of July pinwheels to anyone interested in taking one.

“They’re spreading the joy,” noted Evelyn Anastos, of Stamford, who along with two friends, took pinwheels in hands Friday afternoon and did likewise.

They walked all the way down to Southport Beach, waving to passers-by and shouting spirited words in honor of the country’s 244th birthday.

“We’re just spreading American joy,” she said.

“And we don’t care who becomes president at all … or anything about politics,” she said. “We’re just have a great day in Connecticut.”

“And Connecticut is doing so well with the virus,” added her friend, Denise Powers, of Stamford, “and we’re just happy.”

Others were equally happy to see a little red, white and blue sprinkled into their holiday weekend.

And while the fireworks might have been canceled this year, for many residents there still appeared to be adequate reason to be celebrating.