Photos: Storms stall, but don’t deter, fun in Fairfield

FAIRFIELD — If you were out Saturday afternoon in Fairfield, you probably got wet, or at the very least found yourself hunkering down in a vehicle or vestibule waiting for the rains to pass.

While the hot summer rain may have prevented some people from exploring outside, others merely waited for it to pass and then resumed their time outdoors.

“We got soaked,” said Tony Kardos, of Fairfield, who waited out the wet weather with his son, Aiden, 9, in their car, only to resume fishing off Harbor Road in Southport.

A number of visitors to Sasco Hill Beach found the shelter of their cars a good place to wait out the rain as well, but likewise, right after took to the sand again and — in some cases — the water as well.

Those who remained outside after the storms passed were also rewarded with a little something extra in the sky when a rainbow appeared before all the clouds had even completely passed.