FAIRFIELD — A new physical therapy center is open for business on Black Rock Turnpike.

Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Centers (PTSMC), Connecticut’s largest private practice physical therapy company, opened its first Fairfield County location at 2373 Black Rock Turnpike Friday.

Fairfield local Rebecca Petrosino (PT, MHS, OCS, COMT) is excited to run the center as its partner and director after working as a physical therapist for 23 years. Her goal has always been to own her own practice, and she joined PTSMC a year ago with the intention of opening a location in Fairfield.

PTSMC works on a partner/practice model, where individual physical therapists run their own practices with the financial and bureaucratic support of the larger company. With PTSMC handling things like insurance and referrals, Petrosino is free to act as a full-time physical therapist.

“You can just focus on treating patients, and they handle the business aspect,” she explained.

Petrosino practices all kinds of orthopedic physical therapy, as well as specializing in pelvic floor rehabilitation for pre- and post-partum women.

As a business owner, Petrosino looks at Fairfield through a local lens. Her family lives nearby, with her husband working at Sacred Heart University and her children attending Fairfield public schools.

“It’s about being part of the community,” she said. “We’re a local family.”

While Fairfield has some physical therapy practices on Post Road, Petrosino is excited to bring services to the Black Rock Turnpike neighborhood. With easy access from Bridgeport and the Merritt Parkway, she hopes to cater to a larger group of patients.

In working to build a customer base, Petrosino has been advertising her business and reaching out to local physicians who can make referrals.

The center also accepts patients straight away without physician prescriptions, which can save people time and money. If further medical attention is needed, Petrosino said, she can refer these patients to the physicians she works with.

PTSMC also accepts all kinds of insurance, Petrosino said, making it an accessible option.

“I can’t wait to establish my practice here and give back to the community in the best way I know how - providing physical therapy that allows people to live pain-free,” Petrosino said.