If you are a coach, or know coaches the way that I do, then you know that they love to be in control of everything.

They control practice schedules, rotations, breaks, down time, rest and even meals. Routines are essential to coaches, especially in amateur sports where kids need that type of structure to succeed.

Unfortunately for coaches and players alike, we can't control the weather.

In case you've been in South Beach for the past two months, or been somewhere else tropical, winter has poured its worst onto us, especially in the months of December and January. This most recent storm on Wednesday morning hit the area with as much as 27 inches of snow.

Naturally, when a major winter snow storm dumps more than two feet of snow on us, games get cancelled, schools get closed and schedules get messed up. Fortunately for the teams from Fairfield, they're not alone in that every school in

Fairfield and New Haven

counties were closed on Wednesday.

However, when a storm of this magnitude hits, it will undoubtedly serve as a detriment to athletes and teams. High school athletes are a fickle beast to tame, and one day can, pardon the pun, snowball onto another.

For a team that is playing well, say the Warde girls

basketball team, any break up of that momentum can serve as cause for that good fortune to shift.

Both Mustangs teams have had their schedules thrown off badly because of weather. They had their games against

Staples last Friday moved to Monday

Warde then had to move its games against Trinity Catholic in both boys and girls basketball from Wednesday to last night due to the storm. Each team will have to come right back and take on St. Joseph tonight.

Not only will each team play three games in a week, but they come against three of the

toughest teams in the FCIAC, and two in two days? That's rough, especially for two teams

trying to get into the FCIAC playoffs.

It's not easy Ludlowe, either. The Falcons basketball squads played on Tuesday night before the storm came, but with both teams being young, and needing all of the repetitions that they can get, a missed day of practice is huge.

Added to them were the other teams who had games and practices postponed on Wednesday as well. A missed practice for a wrestler could mean slinking into bad habits. The

co-op hockey team's game still has not been re-scheduled

from Wednesday, and who knows how much ridiculousness the kids engaged in while out of school on Wednesday afternoon.

These are all the challenges that coaches of the winter season have to go through. I hope for their sake that the snow and ice eases up over the rest of the winter season.

I hate to see coaches out of control.