FAIRFIELD — On Election Day, Democrats took over the Representative Town Meeting. On Monday night, Democrat Phil Pires took over the RTM as the new moderator.

Pires, who was re-elected to his third term on the legislative body from District 4, was nominated by Josh Garskof, D-5, who described Pires as an “incredibly thoughtful, smart, and dedicated member.” During the last term, Pires served as minority leader.

“I’m very excited to serve in this capacity,” Pires said. “I think that as an attorney, I have an important skill set I bring to the position.”

Over the last four years on the RTM, Pires said he believes he’s shown he has the right temperament.

“I’ve worked collaboratively with both parties,” he said. “I look forward to working with everyone in this new capacity.”

Elected as deputy moderator was Mark McDermott, D-7.

More Information

RTM committee leadership

Legislation and Administration

Chairman Josh Garskof, D-5

Vice Chairman William Gerber, D-2

Public Works and Planning

Chairman Dru Georgiadis D-9

Vice Chairman Sharon Pistilli, D-3


Chairman Eric Newman, D-2

Vice Chairman Erin Lopez, D-2

Education and Recreation

Chairman Mark McDermott, D-7

Vice Chairman Jay Wolk, D-5

Public Health and Safety

Chairman Ruth Smey, D-5

Vice Chairman Nancy Lefkowitz, D-1

In recent years, the GOP has held on to control of the RTM, although in 2015, that margin was cut to a slim two seats. This year the body makeup flipped, with 26 Democrats and 14 Republicans.

The first order of business was to appoint a committee that would then assign the 40 members to the RTM’s five subcommittees — Legislation and Administration, Public Works and Planning, Finance, Education and Recreation, and Public Health and Safety.

Once the committee assignments were divvied up, the RTM took a recess to allow the committees to meet and elect officers.

The only other business on the agenda was the approval of the October minutes and the adoption of meeting dates, and with that, Pires had his first RTM meeting as moderator under his belt.