Police: Ansonia man charged in hit-and-run, blamed crash on brother

Adam Resnick
Adam ResnickContributed / Contributed photo

FAIRFIELD — An Ansonia man, who tried to blame a hit-and-run accident on his brother, was arrested on a warrant Wednesday.

Adam Resnick, 26, of Root Avenue, was charged with evading responsibility after turning himself in at police headquarters. He was released after posting a $1,000 bond.

According to police, Resnick was behind the wheel of his white Saab around 4 a.m. Dec. 17 when he hit a car parked on Sunnyridge Avenue, pushing it about 10 feet from its parking space. A neighbor heard the crash and looked outside to see a white car, heavily damaged, with four people inside. He said he didn’t see anyone get out of the car, which then drove away.

Several car parts were left at the scene, and Officer Mark Letsch was able to determine the parts belonged to a Saab. Believing the car was too heavily damaged to have gotten very far, Letsch followed a trail of engine fluids to High Street. There, he saw a white Saab parked in a driveway on High Street, with another car parked behind it, as if to hide it from view.

From the sidewalk, Letsch could see the car had heavy front-end damage. While he was there, one of the residents came outside and took something from inside the car. Letsch asked if the car was his, and he said it belonged to Resnick, who he said was passed out in the house. He said he would try and wake him up.

Resnick came out to talk to the officer, and said his brother had been driving the car. He said he was asleep when the crash happened and said his brother hit a utility pole. His brother, Resnick told police, was too drunk to get out of the car, so he just drove to their friend’s house on High Street.

Two of the other occupants at the time told police the same story and said Resnick’s brother was “crazy” and when they got to High Street, he took off and they didn’t know where he was.

During the investigation, Resnick eventually called police and said his brother had not been driving, that it had actually been a friend named Sam. Resnick said he did not know Sam’s last name or where he lives.

As the registered owner of the car, Resnick was charged in connection with the accident. He is scheduled to appear in state Superior Court in Bridgeport Jan. 30.