FAIRFIELD — Two Bridgeport residents were processed by police after an alleged altercation at Sacred Heart University that ended with a bystander being struck by a car.

Around 8 p.m. on Sept. 25, police received reports of a pedestrian struck by a vehicle by the diner on the property of Sacred Heart University. Upon arrival, police located the pedestrian victim inside the dinner with possibly serious injuries.

An officer was approached by Kenyatta Jenkins, a 23-year-old Bridgeport man. Jenkins stated that he was working at the diner when his ex-girlfriend, Anttaisha Pride, 20, of Bridgeport, allegedly showed up in the rear of the diner while he was on break and they began to argue.

Jenkins said he sprayed Pride with a water hose, and she allegedly began punching at him but never made contact. He stated that he threw her to the ground, but never struck her.

According to Jenkins, a family member of Pride working at the diner pulled him away from the altercation. Jenkins said that Pride got into her vehicle, and he broke her side-view mirror. Pride then allegedly put the car into drive and attempted to strike him with the front of the car. Jenkins said he moved out of the way, and the vehicle allegedly struck the diner's manager, who was attempting to de-escalate the incident.

Pride corroborated Jenkins’ account of the argument and admitted to taking her foot off the brake with the intention of striking Jenkins, police said. She stated that Jenkins jumped out of the way, and she hit the manager by accident. Pride said that after hitting the manager, she panicked and fled the scene.

Jenkins was issued a misdemeanor summons for disorderly conduct and released on a written promise to appear in court on Sept. 26. Conditions of release were put in place protecting Pride.

Pride was arrested and charged with a third-degree criminal attempt at assault. She was released with a promise to appear in court on Sept. 26 and subsequently held on a $1,000 bond for additional motor vehicle charges.