FAIRFIELD — A town man was arrested after police said he argued with his ex-girlfriend at her work and threatened to slash her car’s tires with a knife.

William Brunson, 49, was charged with three counts of second-degree threatening, three counts of second-degree breach of peace, second-degree stalking and second-degree criminal trespass for the Sept. 28 incident, Fairfield Police Lt. Antonio Granata said.

Granata said Brunson entered the business on the Post Road where his ex-girlfriend worked, brandished a knife and demanded to speak with his ex-girlfriend. He said Brunson disregarded other employees’ instructions to wait outside and, instead, went into the back offices and confronted the victim.

“Brunson had the victim come out to the front of the store while waving the knife and threatening to use the knife to cut the victim’s car tires,” Granata said. “This behavior frightened the victim, and frightened the two other employees who witnessed the incident. A 911 call prompted a police response.”

When police arrived, Granata said, they found Brunson walking away from the scene, adding the Fairfield man told officers he was simply have a verbal argument with his girlfriend. He said officers found a knife in Brunson’s pocket.

“The police investigation further determined Brunson visited the victim’s work twice (that) week looking for the victim, and slept in front of the victim’s home the night prior,” Granata said.

Brunson was held on a $75,000 bond and is scheduled to enter a plea on Oct. 27, according to court documents.