FAIRFIELD — A Fairfield man attempting to leave Barcelona Wine Bar late one night in March was recently charged with evading responsibility and unsafe backing up after reversing into two cars and then driving home.

According to police, Robert John Belletzkie, 37, of Morehouse Drive, was exiting the Barcelona parking lot just before 2 a.m. on March 11 in his 2009 blue Ford Edge around the same time an Uber driver arived at the restaurant to pick up a guest and was idling nearby.

The driver saw Belletzkie reverse out of a parking spot and, despite the driver’s attempts to get out of the way, saw as Belletzkie backed his car into the Uber driver’s passenger side door. After impact, the Uber drive drove his car out of reach of Belletzkie and called police, but continued to watch as Belletzki allegedly continued in reverse and backed into a second car, police said.

Surveillance video provided by Hi Ho Hotel, which shares a parking lot with Barcelona, confirmed the Uber driver’s report. Based on license plate numbers provided by the driver, police responded to the home of Belletzkie on March 13, where, confronted by officers, he first downplayed the allegations, according to the police report.

“Someone said I hit their car, but I don’t think I hit it,” Bulletzkie allegedly told police when questioned.

After being shown the surveillance video of his car, Bulletzkie acknowledged, “That was me, I’m sorry. I didn’t think I hit anything,” the report said.

A warrant was issued for Bulletzkie’s arrest, and on April 9, he turned himself in to Fairfield Police headquarters.

He paid a $5,000 bond and is due in court April 24.

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