Eight overnight vehicle

break-ins reported Monday

Eight vehicles on Old Elm Road, Wheeler Park Avenue and Eastfield Drive were broken into between roughly 3 a.m. and 8 a.m. Monday.

Five of the eight incidents occurred on Old Elm Road, but only two owners on that street reported items missing. In one case, a Garmin GPS unit, Garmin software, a police scanner and iPhone bluetooth speakers, with a total value of $800, were taken. The victim is a photographer for New York-based newspapers, according to police.

In the other theft, an iPod ($100), a phone charger ($25) and a GPS unit ($125) were reported missing. The only other theft, out of the eight break-ins, occurred on Wheeler Park Avenue. A backpack was taken from a Honda Civic that was parked in a driveway. There was no reported forced entry to any of the vehicles. Doors were left unlocked, according to police reports.

Woman charged with breach

of peace after Fairfield dispute

Elizabeth Peucker, 21, of Stoughton, Mass., was charged with breach of peace about 1 a.m. Saturday after allegedly slapping an employee of the Seagrape bar, 1144 Reef Road, in back of the neck.

Peucker was at the bar when the off-duty employee asked her to move. Peucker allegedly responded, "I'm not moving for anyone." She was then allegedly pushed, which prompted her to slap the man so hard that it left marks on the side of his neck, according to police records.

She was released on a promise to appear Oct. 26 in Bridgeport Superior Court.

Teen arrested at Fairfield University

following car-pumpkin encounter

Anastasia Hastings, 18, of Hingham, Mass., was charged with second-degree criminal mischief about 12:30 a.m. Sunday after allegedly smashing a car window with a pumpkin.

Hastings was in the custody of Fairfield University security personnel when Fairfield police arrived at Townhouse 13 to investigate the complaint. A witness to the vandalism reported that a group of girls left a vehicle and Hastings saw a pumpkin, picked it up and threw it at the windshield of an unoccupied car.

Police contacted the vehicle's owner, who requested an arrest. Vehicle damage was estimated at $500. Police said Hastings also exhibited of being intoxicated the night of the alleged crime.

She was released on a promise to appear Oct. 29 in Bridgeport Superior Court.

Fairfield woman charged

with driving under the influence

Angela Mangini, 61, of 160 Cherry Lane, turned herself in to police Friday on a warrant for driving under the influence and failure to obey a stop sign. The arrest warrant stemmed from an Aug. 6 incident in which Mangini's 2006 BMW 530i veered off North Street and went 50 yards down an embankment on the reservoir side of the street.

Late-night beach bash noise

prompts disorderly conduct arrest

Shea Kiernan, 21, of New Rochelle, N.Y., was charged with disorderly conduct about

12:10 a.m. Saturday for hosting a loud party on Fairfield Beach Road.

Police said 100 people at the party created unreasonable noise at a late hour.

Kiernan is scheduled to appear Oct. 26 in Bridgeport Superior Court.

Auto shop owner reports

stolen catalytic converter

The owner of Fairfield Automatic Transmission, 2196 Kings Highway East, called police at approximately 3:15 p.m. Thursday to report some car trouble of his own.

His 1993 pickup truck's catalytic converter, valued at $350, had been cut from the underside of his vehicle. A small Sawzall blade was discovered on the ground next to the vandalized vehicle.

Police said criminals target the converters because they are partly composed of platinum, a valued metal.

Two GPS units swiped

from unlocked vehicles

Two vehicles parked in a Brion Drive driveway were targeted by thieves for their GPS devices, according to police. The thefts were reported just before 8 a.m. Friday.

One GPS device was inside a BMW; the other was in the cab of a Chevy Silverado. The thief or thieves didn't have to go through much effort to steal the GPS devices. Both vehicles had been left unlocked, said Sgt. Suzanne Lussier, a Fairfield police spokesman.