FAIRFIELD — A Fairfield woman was charged after allegedly ripping a person’s hair out during an argument last week.

Police Lt. Antonio Granata said Kelly Tottenham, 46, was charged with third-degree assault and second-degree breach of peace for the Sept. 24 incident.

Granata said a woman reported that a person she identified as Tottenham had assaulted her while she was parked in her vehicle on Pine Creek Avenue and talking to a friend.

Granata said the victim told officers that Tottenham, who is friends with both the victim and the passenger, approached the vehicle and yelled at them in a threatening manner.

“During the argument, Tottenham reached inside the vehicle and pulled hair from the victim’s head, ripping out a handful of hair,” Granata said. “During the investigation, officers discovered strands of hair inside the victim’s vehicle.”

Granata said police went to Tottenham’s home, where she confirmed the incident had occurred. According to court documents, she was released after signing a promise to appear in court. Her arraignment is set for Nov. 4.