FAIRFIELD - A burst of bike thefts hit Fairfield over the Fourth of July weekend.

The burglaries mostly targeted garages and included bikes valued at up to $4,500.

Police got a call on July 2 reporting the theft of an older blue bike valued at $400 from the owner’s garage on Brooklawn Avenue. The side entry of the garage had been forced open.

While police were checking a section of Old Oaks Road due to a suspicious person call, they spotted an open garage. The homeowner reported a $200 bike missing. The garage had not been forced, but police say they observed it had no lock.

Between the afternoon of July 2 and morning of July 3, a man reported his gray bike valued at $4,500 missing from an unlocked detached garage on Ridgeley Avenue.

Police received a report of a stolen bike on July 4 from an unattached garage on Algonquin Road. Police recovered the bike - allegedly stolen July 1 - at the scene of a different theft called in on July 3. At that incident, also on Algonquin Road, police found smashed garage windows and a brick nearby. A blue mountainbike valued at $500 was missing from the garage.

Police also say a bike valued at $700 was stolen on Rutland Avenue between the night of July 3 and morning of July 4.