Police: Thieves target unlocked cars in Southport

FAIRFIELD — Police are reviewing surveillance video from an Arbor Terrace home in an effort to track down suspects involved in a string of car break-ins Sunday morning.

Officers began looking for a red sedan after getting a call from an Arbor Terrace resident around 4:42 a.m. She said she’d heard a noise, looked out the window, and saw the red sedan, which blew its horn, driving through the neighborhood. She said she tried to remotely lock her car, but since a door was slightly ajar, it wouldn’t lock. Nothing was missing from the car, which had been unlocked.

The red sedan was spotted by police nearby on Hulls Highway, but when they attempted to stop it, it took off at a high rate of speed. They pursued the car to the Post Road, where they broke off the chase because of the speed and the reckless driving of the sedan.

Meanwhile, police investigated reports of unlocked cars entered on both Arbor Drive and Arbor Terrace. In most cases, nothing was taken. But in one instance, $105 was reported missing from a center console, and later that day, a resident went to police headquarters to report her missing Coach wallet, containing miscellaneous credit cards. At least 10 cars were entered, police said.

Another Arbor Terrace resident said his Nest camera caught two subjects come into view, with a car nearby. One of the subjects walked down the neighbor’s driveway, the other was seen trying the door on his wife’s car, which was locked, and then going into his car, which was unlocked. Nothing was taken.