FAIRFIELD — A Trumbull man was charged with harassment after repeatedly contacting a Fairfield woman with whom he matched on the dating app Tinder, even after he had been warned to refrain.

Brandon Owen, 21, was charged on April 10 with second degree harassment after the woman and her mother came to Fairfield police to complain that Owen had repeatedly contacted the woman over the course of two years, according to the police report.

The woman said that she and Owen had matched roughly two years ago on the app and at first exchanged messages, but that Owen began asking her to meet daily, and she asked him to stop, police said. Owen allegedly would not stop messaging the woman until she threatened to go to the police, at which point he stopped contacting her for a period.

In recent months the woman moved to Rhode Island for college, and while at school was again contacted by Owen through Facebook, police said. Recently, Owen had called the woman four times, and then messaged her saying he had tickets to a New York Rangers game and asking why she wouldn’t pick up his calls, the report said.

The calls promted the woman and her mother to go to the police in early March, though they told police they didn’t want Owen arrested.

Police called Owen on March 13. Owen admitted that he’d been in contact with the woman for two years, but said he thought the woman might have liked him despite her telling him numerous times to not contact her, the report said. Owen was instructed by police to not contact her again.

On March 15, the woman’s mother again contacted police, complaining that her daughter had received a notification that Owen had viewed the daughter’s Petsitter profile. The mother noted that it was not direct contact, but was nonetheless alarmed since Owen had just been warned, the report said.

On March 20, the woman police contacted Owen, who admitted that he had checked her Petsitter profile, but denied contacting her. Owen was asked what his cell phone number, and the number he provided matched the one from which the woman received a text earlier that night, police said. At that point, Owen admitted, “OK, I accidentally sent those two texts,” though he said he didn’t feel he’d done anything wrong.

A warrant was issued for Owen’s arrest and on April 10, he turned himself in and was released on a promise to appear with an April 24 court date.

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