FAIRFIELD — Police say a 38-year-old woman was arrested for allegedly scratching and biting her boyfriend.

According to a police report, Yannick Asha Henry, a Fairfield resident, was charged with third-degree assault and disorderly conduct after police were called to a domestic dispute on March 14.

The report said dispatch received two calls, one from Henry and one from the victim, which were both disconnected. When police arrived on the scene, the report said they found the victim with a ripped T-shirt and visible injuries to his chest, neck, face, forehead and right ear.

“(The victim) stated he and Henry went to dinner in Fairfield earlier in the evening, had a few drinks, and returned home,” the report said. “(He said) when they returned home they began arguing.”

The report said the victim told responding officers that Henry became very agitated and threw a $500.00 dollar Dyson vacuum down the stairs from the third floor. When he tried to go up stairs to calm Henry down, police say the victim told them that she attacked him.

“(The victim) stated Henry became very aggressive, tore his T- shirt open (and) bit him in the left breast area (and) scratched his neck, face and forehead,” the report said. “(He) stated he was trying to defend himself by holding Henry down. (He) stated Henry continued to scratch him in the face area, at which point he struck Henry in the face with the back of his hand.”

Police said the victim told officers that there was a history of verbal abuse in the relationship. Neither party told police what started the argument, the report said.

Henry, on the other hand, told officers that she threw the vacuum down the stairs to “irk” the victim, the report said. Police said Henry told them that the boyfriend then hit her in the face and held her down, claiming that she scratched him in self defense and to try and get away.

The report said Henry did have a contusion on her face, but did not allow officers to photograph it. It also notes that Henry seemed to be under the influence of “some type of substance” as her speech was slurred and she was not clear of the timeline of the incident.

According to the report, Henry quickly turned aggressive during the booking process. It said she started to scream at officers that they were being racist. Police also said Henry signed her Miranda rights and then spit on the document.

The report said Henry was released on a $500 bond and given a court date of March 16, but, in the lobby of the police department, swore at the bail bondsman over the price. Therefore, police said the bondsman canceled the transaction and officers took her back into custody.

“(The) next morning, Yannink Asha Henry was released on a $5000.00 bond and given conditions of release,” the report said. “Henry was given a ride to (the victim’s) home to retrieve her dog and personal belongings.”