FAIRFIELD — Police sent a letter to school district parents Monday about reports of “an increase in rude, intimidating and physically obstructive behaviors by juveniles loitering without legitimate purpose” at the Fairfield Woods branch of the town’s public library.

Lt. Eddie Weihe, the school safety unit supervisor, wrote in the letter that concerns included vandalism and destruction of property, disruption of elderly patrons, safety risks by the children to themselves and causing of liabilities to the library branch.

Fairfield Woods Middle School Principal Gary A. Rosato said some students, whether from the neighboring middle school or elsewhere, had not been following library rules.

“We work really closely with the library. We have a good partnership with them, so we certainly don’t want some students to take advantage of that,” he said.

Students at the middle school were spoken to about respectful use of the library’s space and resources, along with the letter sent to parents.

“I’m sure that it will improve from here,” Rosato said.

In the Dec. 5 letter, Weihe warned that town police will begin to take “enforcement action” related to the incidents and requested parents speak to their children, both about safety and legal concerns.

“We hope not to discourage youth interest in accessing library services,” Weihe wrote. “We only hope to encourage legitimate use of the library as a community resource while maintaining a safe, respectful and positive environment for all patrons.”

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