A man fired from HSBC Bank's Post Road branch Friday -- and who subsequently took home $15,400 in cash, according to police -- apparently didn't live up to his text message promise that he would return the money by Monday.

"The bank wants us to pursue the investigation with the ultimate goal of possibly pressing charges," said Sgt. Jim Perez, spokesman for the Fairfield Police Department.

The former employee -- his name has not been released yet -- worked at HSBC Bank since 2006. As a head cashier, he was charged with filing receipts at the end of each day listing the total funds in the bank's cash drawer.

At the last audit on April 1, supervisors found his records were accurate, police said. But hours after he was fired for unspecified reasons Friday, a supervisor checked the drawer again and found it was well short of the expected $122,764, according to police.

Perez surmised there are likely only three reasons someone would do what this employee did -- he wanted to get back at his employer, was a gambler or was into drugs.

"In either scenario, there's never an excuse for that type of abhorrent behavior," Perez said. He added, "The behavioral pattern that was displayed raised the attention of bank officials in a way that led to the conclusion that he could not stay."

The manager of the HSBC Bank on the Post Road declined to comment.