The report of a bizarre attempted abduction at razor point last week, which triggered a widespread search of the Fairfield University campus and nearby areas, remained uncorroborated Monday, police said.

Investigators said early this week said they cannot confirm details of the report by a 16-year-old Fairfield female, who went jogging last Thursday evening on the nearby university campus, and claimed she was held for about an hour by a lone man in woods near a university athletic field.

The incident unfolded about 8:30 p.m. when police were called by the girl's mother who said she was concerned that the girl had not returned from her run and that, subsequently, she had received text messages from the daughter stating that she was scared. The girl, however, did not answer phone calls from the mother, according to the report.

The mother then went to the campus and found her daughter, just as officers were arriving on the scene, near the university's lacrosse field.

The teen told police that she had been held in a wooded area near the field for about an hour by an unfamiliar white man dressed entirely in black and wearing a ski mask.

She reported the man gave her a razor and told her to cut herself. The teen did have a few superficial cuts on her forehead, according to the report, but declined medical attention.

The man himself did not directly injure the teen, according to the report.

Officers, assisted by the K-9, Ruger, searched for the man around the campus area June 5 for several hours without success.

Investigators have been unable to identify a suspect or find evidence of criminal activity at the scene where the teen reported it took place.