This market will feature food, drink, music and merchandise, but it will "pop" open only a few times a year.

PopShop Market, the brainchild of three local residents, will make its pop premiere Saturday in the Fairfield Theatre Co.'s parking lot on Sanford Street. Hours are 9 a.m. until 3 p.m.

Kelly Scinto, Andrea Espach and Ashley Kane have joined forces to create what Scinto describes as an "upscale market where we would want to shop ourselves."

The market will have vendors whose names will be familiar, like the Fairfield Board Company and A Little Square, and others that might not be as familiar, like Taco Pacifico and Fort Vintage. Items for sale will range from jewelry and clothing to pet products and art work, as well as a "bar car" with a Bloody Mary bar staffed by the Black Rock Yacht and Athletic Club and beer from the Stamford-based Half Full Brewery.

"We liked the thought of everyone being in one place, where you can shop, eat and drink," Scinto said. "The food and drink is just as important as the shopping."

Vendors pay a fee for a spot at the "curated" market, according to Scinto, and there are about 50 vendors, 12 of whom are based in Fairfield. The majority pf the rest hail from elsewhere in Connecticut.

Originally, the promoters sought permission from the Police Commission to close off Sanford Street to motorists during the market hours. The commission, however, denied the request after receiving a petition from about a dozen local business owners who opposed the street closure because they felt it would have a negative impact on their stores and sales.

At the commission meeting, Community and Economic Development Director Mark Barnhart initially thought the PopShop street-closure proposal might work, but ended up supporting the local bricks-and-mortar store owners.

Scinto said even without the use of Sanford Street, the market planner will be able to accommodate all their vendors using the FTC parking lot and warehouse. "The parking lot is actually really big," she said, though she said it doesn't look it when filled with cars.

She said she and her partners plan to operate four PopShops a year, with the next one planned for November.

"This is our first one," Scinto said. "We all live in Fairfield and wanted our first one to be in the town we love."

Scinto and Kane grew up in town, and Espach moved here a few years ago. The trio began working on their project last December.

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