Parking can be hard to come by on a Friday night in downtown Fairfield, but trying to save a spot by standing in it is not the way to go about it, police said.

A man called police just before 7 p.m. last Friday to report his wife had been struck by a car in front of Colony Grill pizzeria while she was standing in the parking space, trying to reserve it for him. He said he had parked around the corner on Miller Street and was waiting for a closer parking space to open up.

His wife called him to tell him about the open spot on the Post Road and he was headed to the space while another motorist spotted the space and was trying to back in.

That motorist told police she saw a woman in the parking spot but assumed she would move out of the way as the car began backing in.

The woman saving the spot told police she was hit by the car's rear bumper, while the driver of the car said the other woman began banging on the trunk of her car.

There were no injuries and no arrests.