The Fairfield Public Library will host a program on 19th-century composers of opera and operetta over four Mondays through early November at the Fairfield Woods Branch Library, 1147 Fairfield Woods Road.

The series, called "Striking the Right Note," will begin Sept. 26 with a discussion on "Verdi: The Man, the Music and the Birth of a Nation," followed by a talk Oct. 3 on "Richard Wagner: Flawed Genius."

The program will continue Oct. 17 with a discussion on "Gilbert & Sullivan: Satire at the Savoy" and conclude Nov. 7 with a talk on "Johann Strauss Jr.: Papering the Cracks in Three-Quarter Time."

The talks, which will take place from 6:30 to 8 p.m., will be led by Mona Garcia, a reference librarian for the Fairfield Public Library, who has taught European history at the college level. She also has presented papers at academic conferences in the United States and England, and has publications in her field of English history.

For information and to register for the free program, call 203-255-7308 or visit www.fairfieldpublic