The following property transfers were recorded in the Town Clerk’s office June 15-19:

Real Estate Holdings, LLC, to Fotios Koskinas, 40 Barlow Plain Drive, $450,000

Valerie and John Garvey to Hugo Tomasio, 481 Bronson Road, $610,000

Fotios and Christina L. Koskinas to Paul Parfitt, 44 Edge Hill Road, $425,000

Estate of Lucy D. Roberts to Simin Nazemi Allison Revocable Trust, 1060 Harbor Road, $3,250,000

Estate of Helen Sherry to Janice M. Buswell, 118 Moritz Place, $300,000

R.C. Kaesar & Company to Kelly Copeland, trustee, 124 Edward St., $1,745,000

Richard C. Fipphen to John T. Bonarrigo, 168 Chatham Road, $227,000

Janet Rosenblum to John T Bonarrigo, 168 Chatham Road, $227,500

Dudley and Laura Orr to Francesco and Anne Lup, 225 Edgewood Road, $349,000

Charles D. Scofield to William and Jamie Bazso, 80 Moritz Place, $379,000

Danuta Nawrocka to MacDonald and Company, LLC, 245 Sunnyridge Ave., Unit 42, $305,000

James White and Leahkay Marshall Ruff White to Jessica and Philip Dilanni Jr., 107 Taylor Place, $910,000

Knights of Columbus Home of Fairfield to 333 Unquowa Road, LLC, 333 Unquowa Road, $3,500,000

Trota Coastal Construction, LLC, to Michael T. Navin, 49 Edward St., $1,900,000

Estate of Salvatore J. Cicale to Joseph L. Lagana Builders, Inc., 334 Morehouse Highway, $185,000

Estate of Alberta E. Cicale to Joseph L. Lagana Builders, Inc., 334 Morehouse Highway, $185,000

Carole A. Callahan to William Barron, 384 Sasapequan Road, $789,000

John and Alexandra Whitaker to James S. White, 3420 Congress St., $1,350,000

Douglas St. John to Flavio DaCosta Dias and Elaine Alves DaSilvia, 5763 Park Ave., $354,300

Timothy and Anne Moran to Todd and Shannon Joerchel, 128 Lockwood Road, $500,000

Jean Cadena and Diana Montero to Lauritis Mikel Bensend, 150 Harvester Road, $409,000

Iris Arnold to John K. Connors, 204 Mayweed Road, $675,000

John and Maureen Cotter to Jennifer Navarro, 382 Halley Ave., $271,000

Charles and Karen Cooney to Lauren Salerno, 130 Crestwood Road, $442,500

Christine O’Donnell to Robert and Elizabeth Fleischer, 23 Balmaha Close, $475,000