St. Paul's Episcopal Church and the Old Post Road Area Association will host "Pumpkin Carving Fun" from 1 to 5 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 23, at St. Paul's Green, 601 Old Post Road.

Pumpkins will be on for sale for $10 each. People will be on hand to help clean pumpkins, create a design and carve the pumpkins.There is $5 handling fee for people who bring their own pumpkins.

The event will include refreshments sold by St. Paul's Youth Group and the Olde Fairfield Gaol haunted house.

Proceeds will go to the youth group and beautification of the Old Post Road area.

Pumpkins will be donated by Geiger's Garden Center.

Contact Debby DeRose, the association's secretary, at 203.255-9975 or