Q&A with ... Nancy Carberry, new chief of staff at town hall

FAIRFIELD — Originally from Philadelphia, Nancy Carberry has worked in the corporate realm of different industries including pharmaceuticals, entertainment and, in neighboring Stamford, wrestling.

Now she is entering her first foray into town government.

“My roles have revolved around having a deep understanding of key touchpoints,” said Carberry, whose corporate roles focused on research, marketing and consumer trends. “One of those key responsibilities is constituent interaction.”

Carberry and her husband, a physician, moved to Fairfield in 2011. An avid advocate for animal rescues and welfare since her time in Los Angeles, Carberry also devotes her time to German Shepherd Rescue of New England.

A former member of the Economic Development Commission, Carberry recently discussed her upcoming goals and trajectory.

Q: What are you hoping to bring to town hall?

A: The corporate space gives you a great sense of organizational efficiency and how to work with others on cross functional areas. It gives you ability to understand consumers and I come from a research background in marketing. My roles have revolved around having a deep understanding of the key touchpoints in those spaces and helping the organization satisfy those needs.

I want to transfer that into becoming an advocate for all of the town’s constituents. One of the key responsibilities of that is constituent interaction and playing a role with all of the town’s residents and other groups and being a liaison between them.

Q: This is your first time in government. What do you make of the change from corporate to town hall?

A: It’s a skill set you transfer with you. For me, that’s market research and understanding people. (At Warner Brothers) I was on the business side and assisted the organization in releasing movies, video games and television. The biggest thing a studio produces is content and a big piece is understanding consumers and how they consume content and what type.

Q: What are some goals you have in your new role?

A: There will always be short- and long-term goals.

First is the constituent interaction and enhancing communication with residents in our town, as we are a point of contact for residents and neighborhood associations. It’s important to enhance those communications and finding best practices in the town how we can help residents and groups thrive. That will always be the backbone of what I’ll be doing here.

Secondly, working with department heads here and helping them understand management challenges, setting objectives, strategic planning and being a resource for them.

The third prong of my responsibility — and that’s a personal interest of mine coming from the corporate world — is how do we strategically and thoughtfully go about growing our grand list in town and identifying ways to grow the business here and keep the town’s character and charm.

Q: What brought you to Fairfield?

A: I love the East Coast, I always considered it home.

My husband and I came to Connecticut around 2011 when he had an opportunity at Yale University, and it was a great fit for him. We looked at many towns and we came to Fairfield because it had a great feel. It felt like a natural fit and we’re happy that we’re here.