Rail commuters who still have a bright blue parking permit for Fairfield's downtown railroad station or the Southport depot in their car windows Monday will be issued a $6 day parking ticket.

Parking Authority Chairwoman Mary Kay Frost said the blue permits were issued earlier this year to commuters who indicated they were considering switching to the Fairfield Metro station when it opened and purchased a permit good for use at the Fairfield Center or Southport stations through the opening date of the new station or Dec. 31, whichever came first.

The Fairfield Metro station off lower Black Rock Turnpike is scheduled to open Monday.

Commuters had until Oct. 27 to let the Parking Authority know their decision on making the switch. If no response was received, parking officials presumed the commuter had secured a permit for Fairfield Metro and their space downtown or Southport station would be offered to the next person on the waiting list.

As of Monday, Frost said there were about 50 commuters, who originally expressed interest in Fairfield Metro, that had not responded. She said if they use their blue permit, they will receive a ticket for the daily parking fee.