The author of 22 books on parenting will speak during a program Wednesday evening, April 1, at Greens Farms Academy.

The 7 p.m. lecture by Michele Borba is titled "How to Raise Kids Who Do the Right Thing" and is free and open to the public at the 35 Beachside Ave. school.

Borba is a regular contributor on NBC's "Today" show, and she holds a doctorate in education, GFA said in a news release. Among her books are the best-sellers "Building Moral Intelligence" and "Parents Do Make a Difference."

In her Greens Farms talk, GFA said, Borba will provide a road map for helping children develop the habit of thinking before acting, the confidence to say "no" and the social awareness to consider the needs of others.

"In an era when we're concerned with rank, scores and GPA, we often overlook character," Borba said in the news release. "Kids who do better in life are those who possess traits such as empathy and self-control. These are the character traits that help kids become more resilient and able to succeed in the real world."

Borba's talk is part of the GFA Parents Association's "Eyes Wide Open" speaker series.

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