Fairfield Woods Branch Library was overrun with rats last week as teens took paintbrushes in hand to boldly decorate rubber rodents in one of the more off-beat programs planned in conjunction with the "One Book, One Town" project.

The One Book program this year spotlights Allan Wolf's "The Watch that Ends the Night," a novel about the sinking of the Titanic a century ago, and featuring the voices of various crew and people aboard.

Among the voices in Wolf's imagined account of the liner's sinking is a Ship Rat, who doesn't so much speak as skitter about and explore.

The "Rat Parade" workshop March 7 recognized the lowly rodent, giving teens a chance to exercise some creativity.

Gathered at tables in the library's Down Under Teen space, young people in grades 7 to 12 worked with colorful paint to re-imagine the creatures. They chattered, gossiped and tapped away at their iPhones while working on the crafts project. One teen even summoned up "Colors of the Wind," the theme song from the film "Pocahontas" on her electronic device, as well as the theme song from "Titanic," as appropriate background music.

For more information on the Fairfield Public Library's One Book, One Town programs this month, check http://www.fairfieldpubliclibrary.org.