A Bibbins Avenue couple was conned by scammers posing as IRS agents, losing $9,000 after they were convinced to buy Home Depot debit cards in that amount and then turned over the card numbers to the flim-flammers.

Police said the couple was poised to buy another $6,000 worth of the cards -- at the scammers' direction -- before realizing they had been conned. They contacted police Saturday morning after going to a local branch of Citibank to arrange for the additional money to pay the alleged IRS tax bill.

The couple initially received a call from a Washington, D.C., phone number and an automated voice recording told them they owed $9,000 in unpaid taxes, and gave instructions to purchase the amount owed in Home Depot cards. The Fairfielders were given a phone number to call once they had the cards, and when they did so, they were asked to read the numbers off the cards to an "IRS" agent. However, the agent then told the couple that they still owed an additional $6,000.

In the process of arranging to pay the remaining amount of the fabricated tax claim, the couple was advised they had been victimized by a scam.

The incident is under investigation.