Residents of a Fairfield Beach Road house said burglars entered the dwelling through an unlocked front door while they were sleeping early Monday.

One of the residents said he heard the front door open around 3 a.m. Monday and opened his bedroom door. He told police he saw two men in the entryway and he yelled to them to get out. One of them then yelled back, "Give me my money!" The resident said he again hollered at the intruders and they fled.

After they left, the home's residents reported two laptops missing, one valued at $680 and taken from a couch and the second, worth $400, taken from a kitchen counter. According to the report, residents did not see the two men -- who they said they did not know -- actually flee with the laptops. The residents also told police that they did not owe anyone money, which might have prompted the thefts in retribution.

One of the suspects was wearing a large, heavy, black winter coat with a fur hood and a Miami Heat baseball cap, according to the report.

The incident is under investigation.