A woman who police said leapt on the hood of her fiance’s moving car after the couple argued Sunday, provoked multiple emergency calls about the incident — and criminal charges filed against both.

Angela Conklin, 52, and her fiance, Andrew Vossler, 48, argued at their Palamar Drive home, according to the report. Vossler told police he then got into the shower, but the dsipute continued. At one point, he said, she reached into the shower “in a rage” and scratched his chest. Police said there were three fresh scratch marks on Vossler’s chest.

Conklin said she was reaching into the shower to turn it off so she could hear Vossler, and accidentally scratched him, police said.

Vossler got into his car, according to the report, and was trying to leave when Conklin jumped onto the hood. He continued driving, slowly, with Conklin clinging to the hood. Police received hone calls from residents on Palamar Drive, Homefair Drive and High Ridge Road who reported the incident. Conklin eventually got off the car, and was dropped back at the home by a third party.

When police arrived, Conklin said everything was fine, although police saw a shattered picture frame on the floor, and asked her about the calls they had received.

She said the argument was mostly verbal, but told police Vossler had pushed her when they were in the bathroom. Vossler said he pushed Conklin out of the way when he tried to get out of the shower.

Both were charged with breach of peace, and Conklin was also charged with third-degree assault. They were released on promises to appear the next day at state Superior Court in Bridgeport.