An employee of Gish, Jack & Associates, 1700 Post Road, reported her cell phone was stolen from the office Saturday morning and later traced to the Mohegan Sun -- and a 12-year-old may be the culprit, according to police.

The iPhone was in an "employee only" office, and was missing when the owner returned to check it around 9 a.m. She said a boy had been in the waiting room, and was bouncing a ball. The ball rolled into the office, and he went to retrieve it, the woman told police. The boy, and his mother, both denied that he took the phone, according to the report.

Later that day, the owner was able to track her phone to Mohegan Sun, and spoke with the state trooper from the casino unit. He cross-checked the names of people who had been in the Fairfield office that morning with any Player's Club cards being used that day, and discovered the mother and son were there, police said. The trooper called the phone number attached to the Player's Club card and she told him she was with her son at the casino, according to the report. He allegedly admitted to taking the phone, but said he left it in the casino, police said.

The incident is under investigation.