For better or worse, 2013 has arrived.

But as the final hours of 2012 were ticking away, the Fairfield Citizen did an impromptu survey of people downtown to see what their resolutions are for this new year -- presuming, of course, that the dive off The Fiscal Cliff is averted and that the Sandy-damaged Penfield Pavilion is repaired in time for the summer season.

Jim Murnin of Fairfield, carpenter

"I'd have to say get more organized. I'd have to say that would be very helpful for me. I'm already a great father, so I don't have to get any better at that."

Bob McCurdy of Norwalk, sales

"I haven't even thought about that. Go Christmas shopping earlier next year ..."

Nancy Wilson of Westport, sales

"We're going to continue to be kind to others and to learn to appreciate the little things every day ... In light of everything that's going on, just tend to focus on these things a little more and appreciate what you have."

Sam Stalling of Fairfield, student

"To not get hurt as many times as I did this year ..."

Cammie Liberty of Fairfield, banking

"I'd have to say to stay in better touch with friends and family ... I think it would be great to send more handwritten letters and longer phone calls and that type of thing ..."

Cindy Yager of Traverse City, Mich., artist

"Start my new business."

Kaitlyn Yager of Fairfield, student

"Probably to do really well in school. That's really it. That's what I'm focusing on."

Richard Moore of Trumbull, farmer

"I had a heart attack three months ago, so my New Year's resolution is to lose 60 pounds and eat better -- exercise more and eat better."

Jack Wallace of Fairfield, teacher

"I'm a first-year teacher, so I would say improving my craft ... and to continue value relationships I have, continue reaffirming with people who are important in my life."

Stacy Northerlington of Bridgeport, office manager

"To be healthy, and to do something good for people, something good ... That's probably it."

Tyler Gracon of Fairfield, student

"Enjoy the rest of high school and look forward to college."

Colleen Keith of Fairfield, student, 17

"Not stick with anything I'm unhappy with ..."

Dolly Utzig of Fairfield, retired

"To get the signs off the lawn on the Old Post Road in front of the old Town Hall ... It's one thing if it has to do with something good for the town, but this is appalling."