A developer is once again proposing a three-lot subdivision of property on Chatham Road, the site of a 2011 arson fire that destroyed the single-family house that stood on the site.

The original proposal to subdivide the land into three residential lots last year generated neighborhood opposition.

The latest application for 50 Chatham Road is designed to address sight line and drainage issues, cited by the Town Plan and Zoning Commission when it denied the original proposal last August.

The hearing on the revised application will take place at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in McKinley School.

According to Assistant Zoning Director James Wendt, the new proposal provides a turnaround for all three driveways, and moves one of the driveways more easterly on the property, in order to achieve better sight lines.

The TPZ, in denying the initial plan, said the applicant did not show there was adequate provision for drainage to prevent neighboring properties from being affected by runoff, and proposed installing water-detention systems over which homes are not allowed to be built.

Detention systems have been moved out of the lot square in the new application. And, according to a review of the plans by the town's Engineering Department, the drainage system as designed now meets requirements, and flow rates leaving the site are reduced to the pre-development rates or less.

The Engineering Department review also supports the developer's claim that adequate stopping sight-line distances have been achieved for all three proposed lots.

"The commission articulated specific reasons for denial, and they've attempted to address those," Wendt said. "It will be up to the commission to determine if they've addressed the concerns that they've raised.

During last year's hearing, James Walsh, the lawyer for 50 Development LLC, said the Chatham property at one time was three separate lots, and his client wants to re-subdivide the land into three lots closely aligned with original property lines.

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