FAIRFIELD — Marking the year’s end, town leaders looked back on a top achievement and shared a priority for the year to come. Each answered, “In your role in town, what do you see as your most significant accomplishment in 2016?” and “In 2017, what is your top goal for the year?”

Gary MacNamara, Police Chief

2016 accomplishment: I think the greatest accomplishment this year is that the men and women of the department faced the over 50,000 calls for service — the highest number in over 10 years — with pride, professionalism and compassion. Some of the calls were extremely challenging.

2017 goal: I think our number one goal for next year is to keep our officers safe, prepared and engaged thereby keeping our community safe, prepared and engaged.

Philip Dwyer, Board of Education Chairman

2016 accomplishment: Hiring a new Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Toni Jones, after a nationwide search, with a unanimous vote among the Board of Education.

2017 goal: Continue to implement the Fairfield Public Schools District Improvement Plan to ensure a quality education is provided to all students.

Denis McCarthy, Fire Chief

2016 accomplishment: I am very happy that we have engaged so many members of the department in meeting our strategic challenges. Our members are deeply involved in design of new apparatus, creating a strategic plan for the department, training for today’s emergency response challenges, successful grant applications, charitable projects and our involvement and leadership in regional initiatives. In a challenging economic environment, it is through the combined contributions of the entire department that we can continue to provide a very high level of service for the town.

2017 goal: In 2017 the department has several goals. We will open the new regional training facility in late spring. We are excited to have this asset which provides training facilities for the fire and other town departments as well as the area fire departments.

Pamela Iacono, R-9, Representative Town Meeting moderator

2016 ccomplishment: I think that the RTM passing a budget with a minimal tax increase and minimal effect on services was a significant accomplishment despite major losses to the town in state funding.

2017 goal: In 2017 I think it’s important to work in a bipartisan manner to do what is best for all of Fairfield since we again face major challenges this year like the loss of tax revenue from G.E. and even deeper cuts to funding traditionally provided by the state.

Toni Jones, Superintendent of Schools

2016 accomplishment: I most certainly can’t say that my role has been significant in town because I have only been here officially for three weeks! However, I am thrilled that I managed to have almost 50 meetings with community members and leadership between the time that I was announced on Sept. 6 and when I officially began my role on Dec. 5. Visiting every school between Dec. 5 and Dec. 23 was also an accomplishment for me so that I could meet as many of our terrific staff and students as possible.

2017 goal: My top goal for 2017 is to work with staff, students and the community to keep Fairfield Public Schools moving forward so that we remain one of the best school districts in the country. Our children are counting on us to not be afraid of innovation and to provide educational opportunities that will prepare them for their future in this world.

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