Due to its popularity, Pequot Library has extended "Good Wishes from Robert Frost: Twenty-five Years of Christmas Cards," an exhibition of Frost's chapbooks used as holiday cards, through Wednesday, Jan. 23.

The display, in the library's Perkin Gallery, 720 Pequot Ave., was originally set to run through Sunday, Jan. 6.

For 25 years, Frost collaborated with the Spiral Press and several artists to create unique Christmas cards to be sent by the Frost family and by Frost's publishers, according to a release.

The artists involved include Thomas W. Nason, J.J. Lankes, Fritz Eichenberg, Philip Grushkin, Howard Norton Cook, Leo Manso, Linn Lloyd Benton, Stefan Martin, Antonio Frasconi and Joseph Low.

The Spiral Press was founded by Joseph Blumenthal in 1926. He and Frost became friends during their collaboration on the cards.

The chapbooks, 19 in all, have been loaned to the library by Elinor Wilber, one of Frost's granddaughters.

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