FAIRFIELD — The Republican candidate for the 133rd District state representative seat has been endorsed by Connecticut’s Independent Party, according to a release.

“The Fairfield community have long valued independent thinking leaders who put the communities they represent first,” Joanne Romano-Csonka said in the release. “Connecticut’s economic and fiscal problems transcend party labels. To put us on the path to success, I am committed to work with all like-minded leaders and organizations and across the political aisle.”

In an email, Michael Telesca, chairman of the Independent Party of Connecticut, said while they prefer to endorse their own candidates, they do not always have one running in every district.

“We are faced with a ‘use it or lose it’ as far as ballot access goes,” Telesca said. “Which means if we don't run a candidate, we lose the line and are forced to petition back on the next time around.”

With that in mind, Telesca said, the party opens their ballot line to candidates from other parties looking for a cross-endorsement.

“This year, we used a questionnaire to determine who is a better fit with the collected views of our party if we have more than one possible candidate,” he said. “We are very much a centralist party on many issues when you take in the collected views of our State Central Committee members.”

Romano-Csonka, a member of Norwalk’s Common Council from 2005 to 2013, said she will continue to serve and put constituent’s needs over the agenda of a political party. She said it was an honor to receive the endorsement, as she prides herself on being an independent voice for all people.

“As a wife, mother and grandmother, Romano-Csonka was spurred to run for state office because she felt the needs of her district weren’t being adequately addressed nor represented,” the release said.

Referencing her time in the Common Council, the release said Romano-Csonka, who now lives in Fairfield, volunteered on the body’s numerous sub-committees. It said said she also served as chairman and commissioner of the Norwalk Human Relations Commission.

“A Westport native, service is part of Romano-Csonka’s DNA with her late father, Joseph Romano, (who) served as a police officer for the Town of Westport as well as (Police Athletic League) youth organizations,” the release said.

First Selectwoman Brenda Kupchick appointed Romano-Csonka to the Affordable Housing Committee in 2019.

“Romano-Csonka has volunteered extensively with Adopt a Platoon, veterans and elderly programs and organizations dedicated to missing and abused children,” the release said.