The winter's onslaught of snow and ice has damaged 10 units at the Parish Court senior housing complex on Warde Terrace.

"There were some problems with the interior ceilings," Assistant Fire Chief Chris Tracy said Monday. "Everyone is concerned with this these days. They do have a private contractor on the scene working on the situation."

Andrea Obston, a spokesman for Elderly Housing Management, which manages the complex, said contractors had removed the snow from all the roofs and helped residents deal with the damage to their apartments caused by leaks from the excessive snow build-up.

"That damage ranges from minor leaks to partial ceiling collapse," Obston said.

She said the unusually snowy and frigid weather this season has presented them with conditions they haven't seen before.

"We are sorry that residents of Parish Court have been affected by this continuing situation," Obston said. "We, too, feel helpless in the face of such extreme weather conditions."

She said the management firm will continue to "battle these difficult conditions" as best it can until the weather warms up and it can hire contractors to melt the ice dams.

Tracy said the Fire Department has been kept busy responding to calls from residents grappling with similar problems caused by too much snow on the roof or ice dams.

One of the calls Monday, he said, was about a 6-foot icicle that was dangling precariously over a propane gas tank.

"We've been going all over town," Tracy said.