Residents of the home at 73 Lisbon Drive heard a loud bang last Friday night that had nothing to do with the town’s Independence Day fireworks.

“We thought an earthquake struck our house,” Maria Maffucci said in an email to the Fairfield Citizen.

A tree in the front lawn toppled about 7:30 p.m., crushing the rear of a parked car and damaging the home’s roof and its peak, as well as a railing and two nearby dogwood trees. The car was totaled.

Building officials inspected the house for structural damage and found no additional significant damage, aside from the two spots on the roof. With an assist from a Fire Department ladder truck, the holes in the roof were secured with tar paper.

Marfucci and her husband Thomas have lived in town for about 38 years, and said they are extremely grateful for the help of the Fire and Police departments.

“All came and cared first for our condition, then evacuated our home till both units determined the structural safety,” Marfucci said. “Thanks is not enough.”

No one was injured in the incident, and there was no one in the car at the time the tree fell. Electrical service to the house was not disrupted.

Marfucci said that, according to the insurance adjuster, as well as police and fire officials, even though the tree appeared healthy, the 5-foot limb that hit the house and car had rotted.