FAIRFIELD — Sacred Heart University is making it easier for community college students to transfer in.

The university announced Thursday that it is adopting Transfer Tickets, a program used by Connecticut State Colleges and Universities to allow students who have completed certain associate degree programs to transfer to state schools without having to take extra credits to complete a bachelor’s degree.

In adopting the program, Sacred Heart is leading the way for students to similarly transfer to private institutions without losing credits.

Sacred Heart has put in place Transfer Tickets for psychology, biology, communications, media arts, English and history. The University also plans to establish Tickets in social work, finance, business, economics and computer science.

Rupendra Paliwal, the University’s vice president and provost, said that the program will make Sacred Heart one of the most accommodating schools for transfers in the state.

“This new agreement is an important step in ensuring that earning a degree from Sacred Heart is as accessible and simple as possible for community college graduates,” Paliwal said.

Transfer Tickets is part of a larger transfer guarantee program currently being developed by the New England Board of Higher Education’s (NEBHE). 54 independent institutions from Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut have so far agreed to participate in the guarantee program.

NEBHE’s CEO and president Michael Thomas congratulated Sacred Heart’s efforts, which he said are important first steps in implementing a larger guarantee program.

“The work of Sacred Heart lays the groundwork for the development of the guarantee in Connecticut,” he said. “This will expand opportunities for more seamless transitions and allow even more transfer students to attend an institution in Connecticut that best meets their educational goals and increases their opportunity to succeed.”