Sand, surf, socializing (Oh deer!) in Fairfield

FAIRFIELD — It seemed like everyone wanted to get out to the beach over the weekend, including a young male deer that made an unexpected visit to South Pine Creek Beach.

While the first wave of beachgoers found their way out into the sun Saturday afternoon for some safe-distanced sand, surf and socializing, this sizable critter came out of the groves in a startled exercise in juxtaposition.

Before long he was running along the beach toward Pine Creek Point, turning heads as he galloped across the steaming sands.

“You never see that,” one man commented after attempting to film the moment with his phone.

Nearby, at the Carl J. Dickman Par 3 Gold Course, recreation was a little more staid and slow-moving, though equally as safe.

A steady stream of golfers came out to take advantage of the open air, the open space, and the beautiful location to hit a few balls and walk the green greens.

“It’s a perfect recreation,” one golfer noted.

Others seemed to agree.