Santa's House at Burr Homestead in Fairfield

FAIRFIELD — For Cheryl Eustace, nothing highlights the familial community nature of the annual Visit to Santa’s House at the Burr Homestead as much as how it’s touched her children.

“My kids, who I used to take to see Santa, are now volunteering,” she said, noting they’ve gone from asking the Big Man for holiday toys to now helping garner charitable support for others.

Helping others is at the heart of the event, which the Junior Women’s Club of Fairfield runs to raise money for its scholarship programs and a charity of its choice. This year it is giving funds to the Friends of the Fairfield Library.

“We could not do this without the generosity of the whole community,” Eustace said, noting the event has continued for 35 years now.

“It’s a holiday tradition,” she said.

“I love this event because it’s like a staple in the town,” said Krissy Futia, club member.

“It’s fun oriented,” she said. “There’s something for everyone and the kids absolutely love it.”

“It kind of brings the town together,” she said.