School lunches in the Fairfield Public Schools will not get a rise out of parents next year, because the prices are not rising.

The basic high school lunch will remain at $2.20; the middle school lunch stays at $2.15 and lunch at the elementary level remains stable at $2.10.

"This is a very good thing for Fairfield," said Joann Fitzpatrick, maager of food and nutrition services for the district. "We realize that the economy is tough and we want to be able to assure parents that they can access an affordable meal for their children."

The 2010--11 school year will be the second straight year that prices have not spiked.

In addition to the basic lunch meals, the deluxe meal offered at the middle school and high school levels holds steady at $3.50 A deluxe meal allows a student to "build their own meal," Fitzpatrick said. A deluxe meal could include food from the deli bar or various ethnic food bars, such as Asian, Mexican, Italian or French.

"It offers more variety," Fitzapatrick said.

The board's approval of the school lunches also keeps reduced priced lunches at 40 cents, milk at 40 cents and an adult lunch at $4.50.

Asked how the school system has managed to keep prices stable for two years running, Fitzpatrick said it's owed in part to bid pricing from the district's vendors, purchasing items in season and proper portion sizes.