FAIRFIELD — Fairfield Animal Control responded around 11 a.m. Wednesday to a report of a harp seal — who decided to soak up some sun — on Sasco Beach.

Mystic Aquarium and the state’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection were called to the scene, said Animal Control Officer Paul Miller.

“We had a couple of people check the seal out,” Miller said, confirming what turned out to be a 1 or 2-year old harp seal on the beach. “It wasn’t suffering from any injuries or sickness. We responded because we wanted to maintain a safe distance especially because dogs are allowed on Sasco Beach at this time.”

The marine creature plunged back into the icy waters at around 2 p.m., said Dale Wolbrink, a representative from Mystic Aquarium.

“Our first responder is (at Sasco Beach) currently,” Wolbrink said at around 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday. “We will take some photos and get as much information as possible, send that to our animal hotline here and have our professionals take a look to see what animal it is.”

Miller, who has been on the job for 30 years, said he has seen seals come out of the water about seven times throughout his tenure and he assured that other officers have seen seals, too.

“It’s not too much of a surprise. It’s happened in the past,” Miller said. “They like to sun themselves.”

Fairfield police received pictures of the seal at around 11 a.m.

“Looks like it’s just sunning,” Kalamaras said when he received a picture of the seal from Animal Control Wednesday morning.