FAIRFIELD — An “off color” remark about harming Hillary Clinton sent police and the Secret Service to a resident’s home Monday night.

Two men on treadmills at the Southport Racquet Club were allegedly having a political discussion a third party overheard. The third party said they heard a remark made by one of the men about harming Clinton. The party that overheard the comment then called the Secret Service, according to Fairfield police, to report the incident.

Secret Service and a Fairfield police detective visited the Fairfield home of the man who allegedly made the threatening statement later Monday evening where the man confirmed to police he made the remark.

Police determined the comment was “off color” and “regrettable” according to Police Chief Gary MacNamara and no charges were filed. MacNamara said police determined the man meant no real harm to Clinton.

The man’s name is being withheld seeing that he was not charged.