FAIRFIELD — For the second time, the Board of Selectmen approved $1.5 million in seed money for the Mill Hill School renovation and expansion Tuesday.

The second vote was necessary after the Board of Finance changed the bonding resolution to require the building committee to provide cost estimates for three different size school populations.

“Its supported by everybody I’ve talked to,” First Selectman Mike Tetreau said. “However, we need o define just exactly what we are building.”

Tetreau noted that there has been discussion back and forth between the selectmen, the finance board and the Board of Education about the issue “I was hoping we could have gotten some agreement between the three boards,” he said. “We were hoping we could be clearer on the direction to the committee, it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to do that.”

The building committee will provide options for student populations of 378, 441 and 504.

“Sometime in the future we’ll have three sets of plans with three cost estimates,” Tetreau said, “and will have to make a decision which plan moves on to the Board of Finance and then the RTM.”

“I concur the renovation needs to occur,” Selectman Chris Tymniak said, “but what’s the right number to build it at. The path we’re on right now works for me, we’ll have that discussion when the committee comes back.” He said the town will need to look at not only what can it afford, but also what is suitable for the site, including traffic and parking.

Selectman Kevin Kiley said he, too, supports moving the measure forward. “I like to think of it in terms of flexibility what’s appropriate, what fits into the overall planning scheme,” Kiley said. But, “first and foremost, this building needs to be repaired and updated,” he said.

Kiley said he’d like to see the project get started as a quickly as possible. “Update that school as it should be,” he said.


“It’s hard for me to square how we can deliver the education in that building that we are required to deliver, and that we deliver in other schools,” Kiley said.

The bonding resolution is on the Representative Town Meeting’s May 29 agenda.