It's hard to miss.

Fairfield Theatre Co., an imposing downtown venue for years, has gotten a whole lot harder to ignore.

It's red. A very bright red.

The just-completed paint job is one of several recent enhancements to the Fairfield music and arts showcase.

FTC House Manager Iain Munley detailed a few of the more significant changes throughout the facilities.

The Sanford Street building, a brick structure that once housed a factory, has been painted a brighter coat of red on the sides facing the street as well as the long wall -- bearing FTC's "Stage One" logo -- that faces the downtown railroad station.

Also at the front of the building, where the entrance to Art/Place Gallery is now located, a giant, white arrow has been integrated into the design, pointing to the gallery doors. That entry will soon become the main entrance to FTC, and a window to the right of those doors will become FTC's new box office.

Art/Place, however, will remain in place, according to Munley, and now visitors will buy their tickets and stroll through the gallery into the theater. The new entrance will help showcase the work of Art/Place artists for audiences of FTC performances.

Ticket windows will also be incorporated within Art/Place's area, where a full-service bar was also recently added.

The theater itself will remain unchanged for now, but a new sound board has been added to improve audio.

Other new flourishes include an interactive kiosk that allows people to enter personal data for a chance to win free FTC show tickets and an ATM for easy cash access.

"We've grown so much as a venue that we had to become more of a substantial showplace to serve the community," said Munley. "As a non-profit, it has to be about the community first. We are member and fundraiser supported."