The Board of Selectmen have assigned school officials homework -- assemble a list of information it will need before its acts on approving a building committee to plan a $9 million addition to Riverfield School.

The selectmen Wednesday discussed the request from the Board of Education to establish a building committee, but won't vote on a committee or its charge until December.

"I'd like a presentation from the Board of Education, (Superintendent of Schools) Dr. (David) Title and his staff whether they think it's really going to be a $9 million project," Selectman James Walsh said. "What I don't want to find out further down the road is that it's a $20 million project."

The selectmen decided to tour the Mill Plain Road school prior to any vote, as well as get a list of any renovations that have been made to the building in the last 10 years. Walsh also suggested Assistant Public Works Director Ed Boman could provide some guidance for possible environmental initiatives.

Selectman Sherri Steeneck said she wants the school board to indicate if the project would add any features to Riverfield that the other elementary schools do not have, and the reasons.

Also requested was a cost analysis between using prefabricated classrooms and "bricks-and-mortar" additions.

Walsh also expressed concerns that once funding is approved for the project, the building committee has the ability to spend that money without further review from any town bodies.

For example, Walsh said he does not recall the Fairfield Woods Building Committee ever presenting any architectural plans that showed copper tiles on the side of the new addition. However, that material is being installed.

"I saw a brick facade when it went through the approval process," Walsh said. "I didn't see anything that said there was going to be copper on the side of that building."